Glad it was just that the counselor had not made the form. Good luck to your son!

t you have this problem? My counselor submitted to school report (yay–he says „Submitted 10/16/12 next to „School Report“). However, just above the „school report“ it is called „ED Agreement- Counselor Component“ – and there is no „submitted.“ Scrolling down, there`s the ED Parent Component agreement“ and that says „Submitted 9/6.“ Also, below the supplements section, he says I (student) filed the ED agreement on 9/8. So why doesn`t she have the ED Agreement consultant? I know that my advisor for my application is ED; She told me. If she hasn`t received an email from the common application via this ED agreement, like my mother, how do I get this to her?

I would first ask your counselor before calling the college`s admissions service.

I had listed my ED2 College a few months ago on my CommonApp, and my advisor deemed it final and signed the Counselor ED agreement at that university. Well, when I decided to apply for ED2 at another school, my advisor insists that the councillor`s agreement, once signed at one university, cannot be cancelled and signed to another. I also told him that I would not apply to the relevant college this year, that if they did not receive the request, the european Commission`s agreement would no longer exist. Was I wrong? Can`t I apply to another university for ED2 if my advisor has filed an ed agreement for ED2 at another university? Could I have a clue that I could show my advisor so he could believe me?

We sent an e-mail to the consultant today. She wrote that she did not do so because she had planned to check with him that he still wanted to apply ED (some children change their minds during the process).

So today she filed her „ED Agreement“ – and now it`s called „submitted 10/18/12“ next to „ED AGgreement- Counselor Component“!! Yay! Now the two professors are waiting for letters. My son sent polite warnings on Saturday and explained that he needed everything before 10/31, and to Di, they both sent an email to get them in. You both love her, so I think she flooded e/m requests for letters (so told us the counselor – she said she would help and talk with them if they weren`t in the 10/29). The deadline for university is 11/15, but my son wants to have 2 weeks to make sure everything is in place and, if necessary, send things again. It will be happy if it is done!

The common application is so crazy that for anyone you know that 10-16-12 date can be intended to cover both the ed agreement and the consultant forms.

Merk, Lakemom and Lakemom. I think it is better for my son to ask the counsellor first. We know that she filed the school form because: #1) she told him that she had done it; 32) Next to the „school type“ is „Submitted 16.10.12.“ However, we are only concerned because there is no „such date and date“ next to the words „ED Agreement- Counselor Component,“ which is directly above the „school type.“

A thing I think is that if the consultant really sent their share (did you directly ask BTW if the board did it?), then you need to know if the university has it, but for some reason it won`t be displayed on your son`s common application screen.

Lakemom, thank you very much! That`s a good idea. Do you think that if it is made by a phone call and „deposited“ is not placed next to the ED Agreement- Counselor Component, it would prevent the common application from being filed by my son? (In other words, in the end, when it clicks „Send,“ it would be submitted with a „Can`t be submitted because ED Agreement-Counselor“ is not submitted? I wonder that this is because the common application would not know that the advisor had taken the phone and called the university to give their consent….).

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